Petteri Orpo


Petteri Orpo: Kokoomus proposes to exclude Fidesz from the EPP

Mr. Petteri Orpo, Leader of Kansallinen Kokoomus – the National Coalition Party in Finland, has sent a letter to the President of European People’s Party proposing to exclude Fidesz – the Hungarian Civic Alliance from the European People’s Party. EPP is the leading political force in Europe striving for European integration. EPP’s common core values […]

Petteri Orpon puhe Brysselin Kansallisseuran Kokoomus 100 -gaalassa

Vice President Secretary General Members and Friends of Brysselin Kansallisseura Thank you for this opportunity to speak at the famous BKS gala dinner! BKS is one of the most dynamic member organisations of Kokoomus. You bring together Brussels based Finns and friends of Finland across party lines. Besides gala dinners, BKS organises high quality seminars […]